Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I fall in love wif joong ki oppa when I saw him in Sungkyunkwan scandal...i like the way he acted... so talented.hehe...funny..and i like everything bout him..haha...very handsome and beautiful guy...ahahaha...
saranghae oppa !!!^^

OMG !!! you're beautiful...the best korean drama I ever watch. jang geun suk, he was very handsome, cute and i think he was perfect..haha..honggi, very cute when he acted. yonghwa...i respect your personality..caring and it make me fall in love wif u..haha..park shin hye, she was beautiful..hehe
i have watch this drama many times..haha

I luv Super Junior !!!! saranghae ^^
shin dong, donghae, sungmin, kyun hyun, kibum, eun hyuk, siwon, hee chul, lee teuk, han geng, kangin, ryeo wook & yesung.
korean famous singer ...hehe
hwaiting !!! ^^ daebak..